Essential Oil Routine: Cold & Flu

essential oil routine cold flu

Having a good essential oil routine when you’re sick is a lifesaver!

Despite you’re best efforts to be healthy and crunchy and keep germs at bay there will be times when you end up sick. And it might be when you’re husband is out of town and you’re home alone with 5 kids who are also sick. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

So, when that happens, I rely even more on our essential oil routine to get us through the course of whatever bug is bothering us. I thought I’d share a little about how we use oils when we are sick in case others are looking to implement them in similar circumstances.

First, we reach for our roller bottle of Thieves at the slightest hint of sickness. And we use it a lot. How much? Well, basically every single time we think about it. On the back of our necks. On our throats. On our feet. Wherever. Whenever. All the Thieves. All the time.

Our Thieves bottle includes Peppermint in it as well so we can apply it on the backs of our necks/spine when we have fevers. The peppermint helps your body’s response to fevers so you aren’t relying on medicine to mask the fever. It makes us more comfortable and helps our body fight the fever on its own.

For congestion we rely on RC. We apply a drop of RC on the bridge of our nose for congestion and it really opens up the sinus cavities. I can’t tell you how much it helps us! It is also great mixed in Coconut Oil and applied to the chest when you have chest congestion and cough. Eucalyptus is magic, y’all!

Lavender is our go to for comfort. When my littlest ones especially are sick and can’t sleep I rub Lavender on the bottoms of their feet or on their ears to help them get some rest. It is such a comforting scent and they ask for every time they are feeling puny.

Also, I just discovered the magic of Thieves Cough Drops and I am telling you these things are amazing. It took me forever to try them out but, holy cow, they are amazing. I use them in the morning and evening when my sore throats are worse and it makes me feel so much better. It doesn’t have a nasty medicine taste and it cools and numbs my throat so well.

NingXia is that last piece of the puzzle for us when we are sick. We usually give the kids a pouch a day in the morning but when we are fighting something off we give them an extra one or two to help boost their body’s immunity. Thomas puts a drop of Thieves oil in his NingXia to keep him from getting sick when he starts to feel something coming on or when the kids are getting sick so he doesn’t get whatever bug they have. It works really well for him!

There are a million other combos you can use for oils and sickness and we experiment a lot but these are our go to remedies for when we are sick from a general cold/flu bug. I can honestly say I credit these routines with shortening the length of our bugs and keeping it from spreading throughout the whole family!

Do you have an essential oil routine that works well for you when you’re sick? I’d love to hear what you swear by!

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