Orange Essential Oil


Uses: Uplifting, Cellular Support, Emotional Balance


Methods: Topical, Diffuse, Ingest


Ingredients: Orange (Citrus sinensis)† peel oil †100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil

Add a drop of Orange to your Thieves Aromabright toothpaste for a safe and natural way to whiten your teeth! Orange also pairs beautifully with Thieves oil in the diffuser for a blend that smells like all the best parts of Fall!

Information from Young Living regarding Orange

Orange essential oil, cold-pressed from the rinds of oranges, has a juicy aroma reminiscent of the fresh fruit. An important ingredient in popular blends such as Citrus Fresh™, Abundance™, Christmas Spirit™, and Peace & Calming®, Orange oil offers a sweet, peaceful aroma that can fill a room with a sense of peace, harmony, and creativity.

Try making Orange essential oil part of your morning routine—either diffused or applied topically—to start your day off with an inspiring boost of citrus aroma. Orange, like other citrus oils, can cause photosensitivity, so avoid applying it to exposed skin before spending time out in the sun. Orange is delightful on its own, or you can combine it with complementary oils such as Lemon, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Cinnamon, Neroli, or Patchouli.