Using Progessence Plus: An Essential Oil Favorite

Using Progessence Plus Young Living

Using Progessence Plus. Let’s talk a little about this gem and how much I am in love with it!

This is in my top 5 essential oils of all time. Second only to Lavender since that one is so versatile. But, this one? This one is a gem!

I have been pregnant 8 times in my life and had 5 precious kiddos. I’ve currently been nursing my toddler for 3+ years. So, I think it is safe to say my body has been on quite the roller coaster.

Progessence Plus has been such an amazing support to my system and I love using it twice a day every day.

What is Progessence Plus and why is it so magical? Well, I’m going to leave that to people a lot more educated on these things to tell you. I love this video on what it is and why it is so beneficial.

I use Progessence Plus every morning and evening. The smell is amazing and I love using it right before bed because I have started associating that scent with a calming feeling. I pair it with EndoFlex (also one of my top 5!) and I attached my roller bottle fitment to the top and roll it onto my outer ear (that thin fleshy skin is great for absorbing the oil!) and I can’t imagine a day without it!


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