How Essential Oils Support Healthy Living in Our Family

Whether you've just heard about essential oils or have been researching them for years, chances are you've come to them at least in part because you've heard about how essential oils support healthy living. Our essential oil cabinet is our first stop any time we need some extra support in our health. When we've got sick kiddos, bruises, burns, or trouble sleeping, we turn to our essential oil cabinet. We use them to help balance our moods and support a positive attitude.

So, what exactly does this mean on a daily basis?

To have essential oils support healthy living in our family, it means we have a pretty well-stocked cabinet of oils. We also stock roller bottles with blends that help recover from tantrums and give our kids the focus they need when working on homework. It means we keep a pouch full of oils and blends in our cars and bags everywhere we go in case we get a bug bite or need help kicking a nasty headache. It means we travel with a diffuser (yep, we're those people) and that we know that we are prepared to use these oils as the first line of defense for most things that come our way.

A funny thing happens when you start to use these oils. You find yourself amazed by how well they work and then seeking out more natural remedies each time an issue pops up. Before you know it you'll find your whole approach to health and wellness has changed. And you'll be so thankful it did.