Essential Oil Spotlight: Young Living’s Owie Blend

Young Living's Owie Blend

Oh, Young Living’s Owie Blend, I do love you so. Want to know why?

With 5 kids in my house we don’t go a single day without some kind of boo-boo. Heck, we’re lucky to go more than a couple of hours without one. We’re a pretty busy household.

I have lots of oils on hand for help with supporting the consequences of a rough and tumble kids life. But, one of our absolute favorites to choose is the Young Living’s Owie Blend. As soon as I opened up my Essential Rewards package with it in there for the first time I popped a roller bottle fitment on it and stuck it on the shelf. We didn’t go 30 minutes before we got the chance to use it on my 6-year-old.

We grab this blend off the shelf every time we have a playtime casualty. We use it topically as a great way to give kid’s a calm and safe support for both their boo-boos and the hurt feelings that come with those little traumas. I love the relief it gives my littlest ones when I get to cuddle them up in my lap and put this blend on them. It’s good for their skin and for calming their tears.

Here’s what else I love about Young Living’s Owie Blend:

It is specially formulated for kids. So that means I know the ingredients are safe to use on them and I don’t have to worry about any issues with the oils not being appropriate for my younger ones.

It is pre-diluted. That means you can use it straight away. No need for a carrier oil. If you pop a roller bottle right on top of the bottle you don’t even have to worry about how to apply. Just roll it on and be done!

It empowers my kids to take control of their own health and gives them the ability to take care of bumps and boo-boos on their own when they want to! I made sure each of them knows where it is and what it is for and just leave it on the shelf for them to grab if they need to use it without me there.

It has so many of my favorite oils in it! Young Living’s Owie Blend has Idaho balsam fir, Tea tree, Helichrysum (<—-obsessed with this one!!), Elemi, Cistus, Hinoki, and Clove. This blend smells amazing and not only does it help my kids when they get a boo-boo but it relaxes them as well. It’s a win/win!

If you’re looking for a great blend of oils to make a part of your family’s health I highly recommend grabbing this one up! Your kids will love it and you’ll love how happy it makes them to have a blend of their own!



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